Parallelo 38 is a sailing charter company created in 2006 in the southern city of the Italian peninsula. Our main aim is to offer you a high-level service. Those who work with us are young and dynamic guys, sharing a stronger will to do their best to make their project great, because it arose from their great passions… sailing and sea.

Why Parallelo 38?

The 38th parallel touches the city of Reggio Calabria in Italy. Here there is a monument in the place where this parallel meets the Ionian coast of Reggio Calabria, near the 106 main road. This monument was created in 1987 after an international meeting organized by the Dante Alighieri Society and wants to celebrate an ideal link of peace and collaboration among all the cities which are crossed by the 38th parallel: Reggio Calabria, Seul, Smirne, Atene, San Francisco, Cordova.



Tutte le barche della nostra flotta sono prodotte dai Cantieri Dufour-Yachts e Fountaine-Pajot, due cantieri di prestigio, con finiture ed optional differenti rispetto a quelli di una tipica imbarcazione da charter.

dufour yacht dealerWith Parallelo 38 Charter you can rent the entire Grand Large range of the French shipyard Dufour-Yachts created by the pencil of the architect Umberto Felci, an undisputed master among the world designers of sailing boats for cruising and regatta, who with his style and its water lines marked and accompanied the continuous evolution of the sailing world.

You can rent different models of the Fountaine-Pajot catamarans, which are characterized and distinguished by style and sailing qualities. You will be able to appreciate its elegant and fine interiors and the captivating and modern lines, a sure guarantee of a holiday of relaxation and comfort, but also of sailing performances, surprising for multihull boats. The wide and welcoming four double cabins, the other two berths in the lighting and large saloon and the three toilets make this boat a very comfortable and charming occasion to live a dream holiday in the sea. These peculiarities as well as the very accurate services on board and in land and the safe navigation instruments can offer you a very comfortable and safe holiday.

These special features, together with the curated onboard and ground services, especially at our charter base in the marina of Capo d’Orlando , will guarantee a holiday of comfort and safety. Set sail with us! The Aeolian islands are waiting for you to be discovered on charter, but also many other suggestive places between Sicily and Calabria, Malta and all the other islands that dot this enchanting stretch of the Mediterranean Sea.

Where We Are – Sales and Rental Points

charter vela sicilia eolie calabria

Reggio Calabria
Via Argine Destro Annunziata 11 B/C – 89122 Reggio Calabria (RC)
0965 490773
Capo D’orlando Marina
Presso Porto
Contrada Bagnoli, snc, 98071 Capo d’Orlando (ME)
0941 426741

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9 April 2018

Novità 2020 in flotta!

Novità 2020 in flotta! La nostra offerta si amplia con tre nuove barche del cantiere FOUNTAINE PAJOT.
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7 April 2018

I nostri marchi

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Sailboat Charter Aeolian Islands

imbarcazioni a noleggio eolie(Lipari, Panarea, Stromboli, Vulcano, Salina, Alicudi, Filicudi)

Parallelo 38 has several sailing boats with which you can spend your cruises comfortably and in complete relaxation with and without skipper.

Sailing Charter Aeolian Islands

Our Charter company offers its knowledge and experience to show you the natural and landscape paradises of the Aeolian Islands and of the other smaller Mediterranean islands. Aeolian sailing holidays: personalized cruises (individuals and groups) in the Aeolian archipelago.

Aeolian catamaran charter

Aeolian and Sicily catamaran charter. Go to the fleet page to find out the technical characteristics and options of our boats.

Sailboat rental in Reggio Calabria

Main boarding base: Capo d’Orlando. Possibility to rent a boat from (boarding base) Tropea, Reggio Calabria or from Milazzo. Parallelo 38 offers its skippers to allow you a magnificent holiday among the natural beauties of Sicily and the Aeolian Islands.

Itineraries: The Aeolian islands

No destination can offer the many different scenarios that characterize them. The Aeolian Islands are all islands of volcanic origin. The oldest are Alicudi and Filicudi, in fact they are about a million years old; the younger ones are Vulcano and Stromboli, more volcanically active. Navigating between these islands you can feel the clear sensation of being where the strength of the elements has shaped earth and rock over the millennia, leaving us these enchanting seven gems. All so different from each other, from the social Panarea to the wild Alicudi, await you for an unforgettable sailing holiday, the best way to discover them thoroughly and enjoy its immense beauty.